T.R. Lipscomb co-founded the Women's Support Ministry of Southern New Jersey which is a support group for a loved one who is incarcerated. It serves under the direction of Wings of Eagles Minstries, Inc.

Mission Statement

To teach what God has taught me by whatever means He has given me to use and to whomever He places in front of me.


Teri was born, raised, educated and still resides in South Jersey – a bona fide “Jersey Girl.” At the age of 10, she began to follow Jesus after accepting Him as Savior when her Pioneer Girls group attended a mission’s conference at her home church. She was baptized by immersion at 16. During her youth, she was given the gift of teaching, with a call to teach through word and song. Since that time she has continued to teach both in the church body and out of it.

Teri’s BA is in Mathematics, concentrating in Applied Mathematics. Her Master’s degree is in Community College Teaching, Specializing in Mathematics. She has been teaching Mathematics at the post-secondary level for about 25 years.

In her early twenties she founded a Pioneer Girls ministry in her home church. She coordinated (led) that ministry for 15 years. As she was teaching “her girls,” she was called to serve as a deaconess, eventually serving as head deaconess for several years. She has served as a soloist and choir member in her church since the age of 14, eventually being called to sing in other venues than her home congregation. In 1994 she founded the state affiliate of her primary professional organization. In the spring of 1996, God called her to step down from the Pioneer Girl ministry position as He had changed her calling from ministering to children and women to that of women only. The following March (1997) she was diagnosed with Relapsing-remitting Multiple Sclerosis.

The greatest miracle in her life was the day she met her son. That was the day God answered the cry of her heart to become a mother. Christmas Eve 1990 was the day he officially became her son. God completed her family by giving her two of her son’s seven birth sisters to adopt, thus completing this family in August 1991. In addition to the three “Dearest Children” God gave her and her husband, Teri also helped to raise her husband’s son.

After the shock she endured, the story of which she wrote about quite candidly in her book; after God had begun the work of her healing, The Father had her turn her pain into the start of another, much needed ministry. In March 2004, she and two sisters she met during prison visitations founded the Women’s Support Ministry of Southern New Jersey, serving under the direction of a statewide prison ministry. She has known the founder and director of this ministry for 30+ years. WSMSJ is a para-church ministry to women with a loved one who is incarcerated.