Hitting Bottom

All of my family's things were in storage; all of our furniture, all of our household goods, my children's belongings (things they had left behind when they ran away), my husband's clothes and almost all of mine. I was out of the place I had lived in for the past 16 months…but I was in place where I had never thought I would be – living alone in a cheap hotel. The people working the front desk were pleasant. The woman cleaning my room was very nice. I was able to park not too far from the door nearest my room. I was in a handicapped room, the only place I rented with a safe bathroom during the years after my forced leaving our family home.

Near the end of John 6 is a wonderful passage, the one that begins with "Consider the lilies…" It was the inspiration for Amy Grant's song "Jehovah," a song that I had sung a few times. I knew that God has promised me a roof over my head, food on my table and clothes on my back. I would often come to say this to someone going through a rough time. Oh, He never promised they'd be the best. They may not be expensive or fancy. But His promises are "set in stone." He is our Heavenly Father so He is responsible for providing for us. This short season started out to be a bit rough for me, but it didn't take long for Him to remind me that He was keeping His promise to provide for me in a way that He would use to grow me, refine me and to help me to be used of Him in future ministry.