Waiting for God’s Answers

Waiting for God's Answers


A recent message by my pastor reminded me of the four possible answers that God gives us when we pray.  He had mentioned a source, but I was unable to make a note of it as I was making a note of something else.  The four categories are: 1) No, not yet; 2) No, I love you too much to give you that; 3) Yes, I was waiting for you to ask and 4) Yes, and here's more!


My recent testimony about how The Father gave me a new home is an example of the first type.  As soon as I heard it, I knew that was what He had done about my years of praying for a home.  It is so hard, excruciatingly hard to wait for God to answer a prayer that one has been praying for years.  This prayer is not completely answered, but He so powerfully gave me a dose of hope that my "Job experience" was close to being over.  It is never easy to wait for answers that take years, even decades, to be answered.  Knowing that He knows how weak, how human, how difficult our lives are gives me the strength to keep going.


This, along with the surprise of His providing a vehicle, then making a way for the necessary handicap modifications, gives me the hope I sorely need to know that He will answer my other prayers.  He will be bringing my prodigal children home to me.  He will avenge me to those who have done evil to me.  He will make a way for me to purchase the home I am now renting.  He will keep His promises to me!