Dearest Children - epilogue, part 4

Abram took his nephew Lot with him when he left his homeland. In time it became clear that they needed to go their separate ways. This event happened just before God made His covenant with Abram. The time for Abram to act was clear. When it is time to act, time to move on, God makes sure we are clear.

During the months following my return from Orlando the new school year started, my sister and family stayed with me for two months, the heater's boiler died and needed to be replaced, I continued to be blessed by my neighbors, life went on – until a vicious, evil rumor about my situation got back to me making it clear that this house was not where I was to be planted.

Someone took it upon themselves to tell a man living a few houses over a gross exaggeration of the truth of my situation. There was no way this man could have known my business unless someone decided to gossip, making up stories as they gossiped. This put me in danger and made it clear that I was to move on. The evil in the air I was beginning to sense was real. Spring and early summer were spent looking, seeking, praying…to be cont'd