Healed - finally?

The Father left me in the hotel for 7 weeks. I was then led to another rental. The house was small and not set up for a person with a disability. However, it was a roof over my head, provided an easy commute, and was in the middle of my family. More importantly, I was blessed with a landlord who provided me with a peaceful place to continue my healing. As I was learning, there are times when healing takes longer than expected. I thought my healing had been completed years ago. Yes, the bulk of my healing was complete, but I was learning what The Father knew - there were still some places that were not quite whole.

Here is where my husband would come home to me. Now the work God had started so many years ago would be continued and finished. It was hard, so hard, to revisit places, thoughts, ideas, pain I thought had been dealt with and laid to rest. Wrong, I was so wrong. The worst of it all is that this time I had no person to help me through this process as I was even more housebound. Therapists do not make house calls. Now I was where The Father wanted me – out of His way. God was working in my life in unseen places and through events that were going on around me. Here and now He would review my lesson from Rom 8:28, "all things work together for good …"