Entering Job 42

I have very good credit scores. I have the downpayment. I have the mortgage. I have a contract for the perfect house. I can easily afford the house. So what is keeping me from making settlement? I do not have clear title on myself! Apparently it is now required that buyer's also have clear title. So what do I do?

I can do nothing. Correction, I can wait to see what the God of the impossible will do for me. I know that the house under contract is the house for us, for family, for ministry.

Why cannot I have a clear title search? Remember June sued me, even after she, Gina and Bruno made it clear that I knew nothing of the affair she was having with Steve. The only reason I was sued was because I was still working and I owned the family home. I wanted a trial but was denied that right. I sent a few checks to her attorney, he failed to cash them. So I stopped sending him checks. He stole my home out from under me. Now he refuses to lift the judgment against my title unless I give him $45,000 cash and Steve's pension check for the next 30 months. The woman at the title company called him and he in turn called my realtor. The one piece of good news was the letter I recently received from the state Dept. of Criminal Justice indicating that the letter I had sent my governor was forwarded to them. They in turn sent it on to the Office of Attorney Ethics for investigation. For years now I have been trying to get June's attorney investigated for scrupulous, criminal acts against me. I have gone through 15 attorneys looking for someone to help me - to no avail.

The God of the impossible will make this purchase possible. My realtor is a praying man; he, his firm (all Christians) and my mortgage firm (also a Christian firm) are all praying. My mortgage firm is heartbroken over this - they want to give me the mortgage. Apparently it is a FHA requirement that I have a clean buyer's title. It is not safe for me to stay in my current rental as God has chosen to not heal me at this time. In addition, this is not the house for us to fulfill our ministry call. I am thankful for the roof over my head and the wonderful landlord. However, it is now time for us to move on. We'll see what God does to take care of this situation. Psalm 37:34