Dearest Children - epilogue, cont'd

If you are, or have been, forced to leave your home, let me offer you some encouragement. The first thing that comes to my mind for a situation like this is the call God gave to Abram and Sarai to leave their home in Ur.

It is thought that they were the only ones worshiping Yahweh at that time, so can you imagine what went through Sarai's head when Abram told her they were moving at His command? I understand her fear of the unknown as that was one of my major emotional battles as I left my home of 20 years, my home that was located in the town I had come to live in as a bride 30 years prior to this event.

Why did God allow my home to be stolen out from under me? What glory could he possibly receive by my daughter's attempt to put me on the street? To paraphrase the words of Joseph, my daughter may have meant it for evil, but God meant it for good.

As my MS continued to deteriorate, he knew I needed the much shorter, much easier, commute my move gave me. As I continued to struggle with loneliness, I needed the gift of a dear sister-in-the-Lord whose back door was only a few yards from my front door. As I fought with the frustration of "not serving him," God used me to show love and be a friend to my neighbor (and her family) on the other side of me. In time, he graciously showed me that he had not forgotten me. Yes, he would use even this event for my good and his glory. I needed to stop fretting and simply continue to rest in him. As he had taught me years ago, he is perfectly able to handle this situation without my help! be continued