Nothing Left

            I have nothing left to use.  I have nothing left to spend.  I have nothing left to fight with.  I have nothing left to my health.  I have nothing left.
I am exactly where God wants me.
Now He can fight for me.  Now He can use me in an even greater way.  Now He can move me into the place He wants me to be, into the place He has been preparing me for, into a place of abundant blessing like I could never imagine.
As Job had said, "If I have never been afflicted I would not have known the glory of God."  How could something be of God and fail?  How could God do such amazing miracles in my life only to have them be taken away?  I continue to cling to the promises of The Father as I wait for resolution of the many things I have been praying for Him to restore; my prodigal children, what had been stolen from me, owning my home.  I also wait for him to deal with the one who had greatly wronged me.
God allowed my problems into my life to birth a passion in me. To grow a passion for Him to use to send me into the purposes He had for me in the past, as well as the ones He has for me in the future.  These problems overwhelm me at times.  There are times when I fear what He has planned for me.  Yes, there are even times when I want Him to take me home to escape them.  I have only begun to describe how hard it has been over the past decade.  There are so many questions that still need answers.  I have nothing left – but my faith.  Now The Father has me out of the way.
"And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those was called according to His purpose."  (Rom. 8:28, NASV)